About Us

Welcome to Kenya’s first babysitting platform, Bubble Babysitters! where fun meets responsibility, and giggles are the order of the day! We are the guardians of playtime, from tea parties to treasure hunts, turning every moment into extraordinary memories. We encourage hands on and outdoor activities, let’s dance, twirl and compose songs together, we are here to spark imaginations and encourage laughter. We don’t just look after your children, we bond and become friends.
But it is not all about the kids, we know that peace of mind for parents is the real treasure. That is why we have assembled a dream team of experienced and reliable babysitters who not only know their way around diaper changes but can also expertly navigate the land of make-believe. So if you are looking for a babysitting service that’s not just safe but also sensational, join the Bubble Babysitters family.
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